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Color Palette in Order

Hello, We want to use color palette in such a way that the pattern will repeat from initial color from palette for every column. But in Sisesne its just giving out random order as shown in the attached pictures. Any suggestions would be appreciated. ...

SaiKumar by 7 - Data Storage
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Resolved! PastDay formula

Hi, Sisense Community,I use DiffPastPeriod() and PastDay() to show previous day's values or to calculate the difference with the previous day. BU the problem is that I don't have data for Sundays and it seems like the formulas DiffPastPeriod() and Pa...

Laris_Fdz by 8 - Cloud Apps
  • 4 replies
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Stopping an RSUM after its last value

When using RSUM over a category, and when the RSUM has underlying values only for some early periods of time, and not later periods, it sums in the NULLs from those future periods showing values extending into the future. I do want the RSUM to be con...


PDF Header Elements

Hello!I'm looking to play around with the Dashboard Header parameters. More specifically, I'd like to do the following: 1. Truncate the Data As Of parameter to the day (aka remove timestamp) 2. Play around with the display of the Dashboard Filters. F...

Display widget in tooltip

By default values and labels are displayed in tooltip. Also its possible to add additional information to tooltip by using script . Sometimes it would be more helpful to display a widget as tooltip (Reference) Steps: Create base chart - the chart in ...

harikm007 by 13 - Data Warehouse
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Top and Bottom Performer by calculating percentage

Hello, I need to create report for top and bottom performers for a parameter. It should be based on overall percentage and not by Ranking. How can I achieve the same using Sisense? For example: In below table, top 30% performers are highlighted in Re...

MadhuraK by 7 - Data Storage
  • 2 replies
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Sub column Headers in Pivot Table

I am trying to achieve a pivot table format, where there are multiple column headers under one. I am attaching the screenshot for the format here. As the fields are text and date fields, i am not able to achieve that format directly through the pivot...

HemaK by 7 - Data Storage
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I have the following blox widget: with the following code: { "style": ".blox-slides:not(:first-child) .blox-pivot-title{display:none} .blox-slides .blox-pivot-title{margin-bottom:10px; font-weight:bold; color:black; font-size:1em}", "showCarousel": f...

cartercjb_1-1647629460323.png cartercjb_2-1647629509001.png cartercjb_6-1647629674234.png cartercjb_5-1647629627259.png

Add pagination to Bar/Column chart

If a widget contain large number of bars/columns, sometimes it may be difficult to analyze the chart. In such case one option is to enable Auto Zoom feature in widget which will enable a scroll bar in chart. Alternative option is to add pagination in...

harikm007 by 13 - Data Warehouse
  • 1 replies
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