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Live Model slow despite filtering

SUMMARY:My Live Model is slow. Source data is big, but a dashboard filter picks just one item, so I think it can be fast. This feels like a common use case for a Live Model.DETAIL:My dashboard is based on a live model that queries SQL Server. The use...

Tim by 10 - ETL
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How to create a new column with percentiles?

In Sisense, I'm looking for a way to create a new column in a table, with percentile values of a different column.I am open to design suggestions/approach. What the best way to accomplish this.Such that: 1. Have a filter created on percentile values ...

leo82 by 9 - Travel Pro
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Exporting to PDF

Hi All,I was wondering if anyone could help. I want to create a report from a dashboard. I am adding in text in the form of box along with charts and tables and have a few questions on formatting.I want to have an A4 document but every time I try and...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Disable minimum zoom for scatter map

I am using scatter map widget to show multiple points on widget. I want to support minimum zoom on scatter map. Right now after zooming out widget shows three world maps. Is there any way I can change it show just one word map?

Error: "Live models can have only one dataset"

I clicked "Duplicate As Live". I got an error "Live models can have only one dataset".I made sure I only have one dataset (see left side of picture below). So why am I getting the error?I did refresh schema on all tables, and made sure they all point...

Tim by 10 - ETL
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Re-Order Pivot table Items

Hi, I have a pivot table where there are various areas listed 1-15 but it will order it by the first number in the series ie. 1, 10, 11, 2 , 3Is there a way around this so it will read 1, 2 , 3... 10 , 11

Juandres by 8 - Cloud Apps
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center align all widgets in dashboard

dashboard.on('widgetready', function (se, ev) {// Widget IDsvar widgetIds = ['645216bac5715a00355a81b5', '645cc852c5715a00355b12ec', '64631a30c5715a00355b35c6',"646339bcc5715a00355b365f","64633ac6c5715a00355b3668","64633bd5c5715a00355b367b"]; // Add ...

customize widget backround and header

dashboard.on('widgetinitialized', (el, args) => {$('widget-header').css('background-color', '#E8E8E8').css('font-weight', 'bold');$('.widget-title__holder').css('font-size', '16px');});

Conditionally format a measure based on another measure

Sometimes we would like to color code a measure (A) not by its performance rather by another measure's (B) performance. The problem is that when applying the conditional formatting on measure A, the measure A is static in the equation. To work around...

Ido_QBeeQ by 9 - Travel Pro
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Rank based on each month

Hi @Angelina_QBeeQ ,I want to set the rank independently for each month based on measure.Rank logic: RANK([Overall Vol],"1224",[l3_demand],[Months in contact_date])As per below sc, rank shd be 1,2,3....for Mar and similarly 1,2,3...for Feb and so on....

tsaho8 by 7 - Data Storage
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Resolved! How do i disable toggle switch button in filterpane?

Hi,For my dashboard, I would like to disable or delete the toggle switch buttons in the filter pane (shown in the picture), so the users of the dashboard do not have the option to turn them on or off.I can't seem to find the option in menus. Is it po...

frankmol by 8 - Cloud Apps
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Resolved! Reorder columns in pivot table

Hi Team,@Angelina_QBeeQI want to order the weeks displayed in below pivot in desc order i.e latest week first and so on.Also how to hide the "Header" word....i need the column but the column header should be blank.Please help !!

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