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Formatting Pivot Header Rows And Columns Via CSS

Hi Team, Use this script to format the header rows and columns of a Pivot table. widget.on('domready', function(sender, ev){ $('div.p-container table').css({'width':'90%','table-layout':'fixed'}); // $('.p-container .p-fixed-cols, .p-container .p-fix...

Sijo1995 by 9 - Travel Pro
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Interval on X-axis labels on Chart

How to set an interval on X-axis for a continuous timeline so that the labels don't look so crowded? I want to show less labels on the X-axis and be able to control the interval.


Report Manager: Dynamic Widget Title

We are using Report Manager to send automated reports for some of our dashboards. We have scripts on our widgets that will change some of the titles depending on the code filter selected. The scripts work fine on the dashboard, however, they are not ...

jmn3 by 9 - Travel Pro
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Resolved! Displaying url query results as images

Hi there. We have in our database the url paths to images (such as items for sale, business logos) and we would like to show it in a results table column. Is there a way to do that easily?E.g. Google Sheets IMAGE() function:

yeongping by 7 - Data Storage
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Resolved! Change Axis labels on Line Chart

I have a couple dashboards with month numbers instead of month names as the x-axis labels, and I modify the numbers to month names with the following script. It works when I am editing the widget, but in my dashboard it works very briefly then goes b...

jfarmer by 8 - Cloud Apps
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how to increase the chunck size

I have a table that has 1454334099 records and the build downloads 100000 in one hour it downloads 100.000.000 how can I increase the chuck or what is the best alternative to decrease the build times?

alexgv12 by 8 - Cloud Apps
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Elasticube Custom Table Dashboard Dependencies

Similarly to viewing dashboards dependents on an elasticube, is there a way to view dependencies of tables (custom or otherwise)? The use case is removing tables that have been created but are no longer needed. There is no quick way identifying if a ...

Milan by 8 - Cloud Apps
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Widget refresh

Hello, I have added a widget script which performs my required action and at the end I want to refresh the widget. Everything is working fine but the widget keeps on refreshing again and again. Is there a way to limit this so the widget is refreshed ...

Lisha by 8 - Cloud Apps
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Tabber Within A Tabber

I am looking to have tabber implemented within another tabber. For Example : If I have 6 Tabs namely A,B,C,D,E,F and G then I will need 2 tabs under each of these tabs. Let's say 2 tabs A1 and A2 under tab A and similarly 2 tabs G1 and G2 under G tab...

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