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Export to PDF Customise

7 - Data Storage
7 - Data Storage

Hello, I would like to know if there are any best practice on creating a dashboard which will give me a clean pdf export

  • currently, my basic charts are distorted and divided into 4 separate pages
  • blox widgets are of uneven sizes 
  • Widget titles are exported even though I have hidden them on the dashboard level 
  • I am not using any tabbers here

if there is a script I can use to customize the export and make it look cleaner it would be very helpful thank you


12 - Data Integration
12 - Data Integration

Hey @nikitabansal 

I dont know about the last 2, but for the first 2 have you tried the 'edit' mode of the PDF?

This gives you the possibility to change the width and height of all widgets. This makes it possible to get them on the same page and even out uneven sizes.

10 - ETL
10 - ETL

Hi @nikitabansal ,

I think that by using the Paldi Solutions Export Button plugin, you can accomplish your goal.
The plugin allows you to create a customized dashboard specifically for exporting, which can then be exported. This trick will enable you to produce stunning PDFs that meet your exact requirements.


 Feel free to reach out if you have further questions, we're always happy to help (: 
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