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Wrong range in dynamic buckets

7 - Data Storage
7 - Data Storage

hello I am using dynamic buckets to show number of customers in each spend range for the selected time period, I am using the dynamic bucket plugin. My issue is the highest bucket range i.e. 800 is wrong as the maximum spend I have in my view is 741 and due to this when I change the dates on the dashboard sometimes my highest bucket shows number of customer as 0. is there a way I can edit the bucket ranges without making it manual.


So ideally my maximum spend per customer in selected time period is 741 so my bucket range should be as follows

  • 0 to 148

  • 148 to 297

  • 297 to 445

  • 445 to 593

  • 593 to 741

I cannot make this manual as the dashboard is per brand and also has a date filter as mentioned above so the maximum spend is going to be different for different selections. any help will be appreciated thank you