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Resolved! NLQ on Embedding

Hello there, Hope everyone's doing good. I just want to check if it is possible to access NLQ (Simply Ask) when a Widget/Dashboard is embedded on a web application. Any suggestions are welcome. Thanks and Regards, Aditya.

adityak by 7 - Data Storage
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Resolved! BloX widget height

Hi, I'm new to BloX and I am currently using the transpose pivot template to create a custom table: https://support.sisense.com/kb/en/article/transposed-pivot-table-with-blox I have an issue that the BloX widget is always a fixed height, leaving a lo...

Vlad by 8 - Cloud Apps
  • 10 replies
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Left Outer Join Plugin

Hi all, I've installed the plugin from here:https://support.sisense.com/kb/en/article/include-all-dimension-values-left-outer-join This does what I want in that it shows all dimensions including ones with no values. Two issues I have are that it brea...

andrew by 8 - Cloud Apps
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Resolved! Regarding manipulating a text in widget.

We have a scenario that we had a label plugin where it declare all the label item whatever we give in panel .The output displayed is in label form ,So our scenario is to change the label content irrespective of output we got , anything related to our...

rameshp0233_0-1647597120827.png rameshp0233_1-1647597180634.png


Hi Sisense Community! Please reference the screenshot below referenced in the following questions when configuring a dashboard's email settings: Is there a script to only export the active/visible widgets based on the Tabber selection? Is there a scr...


Exporting Pivot table to CSV

So i have conditional formatting in a pivot table and when exporting the pivot table to csv or excel, the color is not retained for the conditional formatting. How can i solve this so the formatting is retained when exporting?

tkrish08 by 7 - Data Storage
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Resolved! Blox submit to zapier is empty

Hi all,I'm trying to create my first blox widget that collects some data and submits it to Zapier. I'm using Zapier's webhooks app and its catch hook event. When I submit from Blox I see the request in Zapier but it shows querystring: as empty. I've ...

CORS issue during New Relic Selenium monitoring

I have a CORS issue for the resource: https://myapp.sisense.com/systemPlugins/main.865fa679b5b9e4de41c5.js Which is causing an issue when running a New Relic script. I have already set cross-origin to * in Admin Security settings. Is it possible to f...

Resolved! Embed ppt/ slideshow inside a widget

Is there a way to insert ppt/slideshow inside a widget? The basic purpose is to serve user a stepwise guide in the form of images. Please let us know if there is an alternate solution to this.

Sisense.JS CORS policy error

I'm trying to use Sisense.JS in my local application. After following these https://documentation.sisense.com/docs/cross-origin-resource-sharing instructions and enabling CORS. I still get the following error. Access to XMLHttpRequest at 'https://das...

Abenezer by 7 - Data Storage
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