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Resolved! Disabling user accounts rather than deleting

Hi,Is it possible to deactivate user accounts rather than completing removing? We have users that will no longer have access to the system, but could come back later (for example, trail users). Is using the security model to deny access the only othe...

pb_si by 8 - Cloud Apps
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Resolved! Third Party Cookies Google Chrome Phase out

With Google Chrome's recent change to remove third-party cookies this year, many solutions responsible for running embedded content are being affected.In reviewing the Sisense documentation, it appears that alternatives such as utilizing Web Access T...

Including a custom loader within the embedded Sisense dashboard

Hi, nice to e-meet you.I'm a senior product manager currently working on a feature which includes technical improvements to the integration of some of the Sisense dashboards within our portal.The current Sisense dashboards are now displaying this loa...

ecohen by 7 - Data Storage
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Doubt about locking filters when embedding a Sisense board

Hello,I am reaching out to seek assistance from the community regarding a question about filters while embedding a Sisense board. I'm currently working on a platform where we embed various Sisense boards for our clients. I have explored different emb...

musta by 7 - Data Storage
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Sisense Multitenancy Webinar - Discussion Thread

Hi Valued Sisense Customer,Thank you to everyone that joined our webinar on: Maximizing Your Analytics Investment at Scale with Sisense Multitenancy!We had such a great turn out for the event, and received quite a bit of questions and comments throug...

JasmineC by Sisense Team Member
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Login URL not working

https://gfk.sisense.com/ is not working - can you please fix this?

amemon by 7 - Data Storage
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Drill Into

I am adding Hierarchies to our data model for the drill into feature for the widgets. The dashboard will be embedded into a website. Does the drill into feature work when the dashboard is imbedded into a website? Thank you.

KHConsult by 8 - Cloud Apps
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showing excluded filters in sisense sdk

Hi, I am working on some functionality where I want to reset t the default filters on every page refresh so to achieve this I am added applyFilter() in sisense sdk implementation but it is only taking active filters in members array it does not show ...

How do you have multiple developers work on a single dashboard?

We have several dashboards which we are embedding into a product of ours. We would like to be able to have our dashboard developers go in and edit a dashboard which we are embedding, but it seems like 1) Only an owner can edit a dashboard and then pu...

bpeikes by 9 - Travel Pro
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CORS issue during New Relic Selenium monitoring

I have a CORS issue for the resource: https://myapp.sisense.com/systemPlugins/main.865fa679b5b9e4de41c5.js Which is causing an issue when running a New Relic script. I have already set cross-origin to * in Admin Security settings. Is it possible to f...