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Formula for counting the views per user

7 - Data Storage
7 - Data Storage

Sisense provides our company with a usage analytics model. now what i want is to count the total number of views per user ? like how many times they have seen a dashboard? how do i do this ? 

i tried to do count all like DUPCOUNT [Userid] , but this shows unrealistic values. it shows I viewed a dashboard 567 times in the past 7 days. That's not true.

then I realized that DUPCOUNT only works on numeric values, does anyone know how to go about this ?

i have attached screenshots on the fields available to me, if that helps. thank you.




Sisense Team Member
Sisense Team Member

Hi! Have you looked at the pre-built "Usage - Dashboards" dashboard provided by Sisense? This has a few charts that already show dashboard viewers. In short, to get the views of a dashboard by user, you would need that information from the "FactActions" table in the Usage Analytics Model. DUPCOUNT does work on non-numeric fields. So if I wanted to see the number of views a dashboard got per user, I might bring in the following information: username from DimUsers, dashboardID from FactActions, and DUPCOUNT(username). This would show me the views per dashboard by user. 

Reasons you may get an "unrealistic" number is that the FactActions table is capturing a lot of actions. So if I am viewing a dashboard, I might select different filters which is causing the dashboard to reload. All of these events might be viewed as me viewing the dashboard, but in reality, I was just viewing it once and interacting with it. Play around with filters from FactActions to see if there are any ActionTypes that you can filter out to get the number down. Hope this helps!