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Dashboard that allows users to download files from links in the dashboard

7 - Data Storage
7 - Data Storage


We have embedded Sisense into our application and we allow users to design their own dashboards. In addition to this we created a web page that allows designers to import dashboard templates that we've created (think google extensions) into their dashboard library. Unfortunately this web page is managed by another team that is severely understaffed and not able to make updates to it.  So my team is thinking that we want to create a dashboard that is our dashboard template library.


We need to allow users to add dashboards to their library from a dashboard. 


Anyone else done something like this before?



12 - Data Integration
12 - Data Integration

Hi @burljohnson 

We are in a similar situation. As an OEM we also give our customers designer licenses. We do have a different approach. We have a group called Designers. Users in that group have access to specific dashboards, such as Datamodel, User/Group Creation/Edit and the folder Templates. In here are we have dashboard templates they can use. They are shared with them and if they want they can duplicate and use them.

You could also export your dashboards to .dash-files and place them in the resource-folder. That way you can create a downloadable link that you can place in a Blox for users to download