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Expand Widget to full size as viewer

We are running version: we seem to be missing a very vital function of expanding the widgets to full size, is this a plugin I need to get our admins to switch on or is it a limitation of our version?

Using Values as Categories in Charts

Is it possible to use values as categories at the dashboard level? If not, is there an add-on that enables this functionality? For example, If I have a formula defined in the values section of a column chart such as SUM([X]) - SUM([Y]), I want this t...

tbullara by 7 - Data Storage
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Jump to dashboard - Open New Window

Hello, I am trying to write a script that will allow me to use the "jump to dashboard" function - but instead of having it open in a pop-up window. I want it to be a new tab in same window. Any help?

Yeg2023 by 7 - Data Storage
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Translating Metadata to a Different Language of pivot2 type

Hi all, I try to translation some text in free text field which entered and some text on tableSomeone can give me a structure for translation.I want to translation "# of receiver_id", "Total delivered_num", "[# of receiver_id]-sum([Delivered Num])" t...

trinh by 7 - Data Storage
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Resolved! Add row numbers to pivot rows

We have on a dashboard a pivot with a single row grouping value but many rows and many columns. For the readability of the pivot, I'd like to provide my user with row numbers that don't move when the sorting of the pivot is changed. (So the first row...

Doubt about locking filters when embedding a Sisense board

Hello,I am reaching out to seek assistance from the community regarding a question about filters while embedding a Sisense board. I'm currently working on a platform where we embed various Sisense boards for our clients. I have explored different emb...

musta by 7 - Data Storage
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D3 and Highcharts versions

Hello, My team is interested in building some custom widgets for our implementation. We've made a few so far, but now we're thinking of building some using the provided D3 and Highcharts libraries. I was looking at the built-in versions yesterday, an...

Pivot2 row conditional color

Hi there, I´m trying to use this script to color an entire row triggered by a condition on a cell. widget.on('ready', function(se, ev) { panelName = 'Valor' //Update your panel name from which color needs to spread to entire row var colIndex = -1 $('...

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