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Doubt about locking filters when embedding a Sisense board

Hello,I am reaching out to seek assistance from the community regarding a question about filters while embedding a Sisense board. I'm currently working on a platform where we embed various Sisense boards for our clients. I have explored different emb...

musta by 7 - Data Storage
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Sisense Multitenancy Webinar - Discussion Thread

Hi Valued Sisense Customer,Thank you to everyone that joined our webinar on: Maximizing Your Analytics Investment at Scale with Sisense Multitenancy!We had such a great turn out for the event, and received quite a bit of questions and comments throug...

JasmineC by Sisense Team Member
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D3 and Highcharts versions

Hello, My team is interested in building some custom widgets for our implementation. We've made a few so far, but now we're thinking of building some using the provided D3 and Highcharts libraries. I was looking at the built-in versions yesterday, an...

Google sheets infusion login

Hi all, When I'm using the Google sheets Infusion App, at the login screen it always asks me to provide the URL to our server. Is there an option to let the app remember the URL?

ScheurK by 9 - Travel Pro
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Pivot2 row conditional color

Hi there, I´m trying to use this script to color an entire row triggered by a condition on a cell. widget.on('ready', function(se, ev) { panelName = 'Valor' //Update your panel name from which color needs to spread to entire row var colIndex = -1 $('...

nvalenzuela_0-1678919475241.png nvalenzuela_1-1678919555990.png

Drill Into

I am adding Hierarchies to our data model for the drill into feature for the widgets. The dashboard will be embedded into a website. Does the drill into feature work when the dashboard is imbedded into a website? Thank you.

KHConsult by 7 - Data Storage
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Vertical Grey Dividers

I have a dashboard that is embedded into a website. In the Sisense dashboard, I do not see vertical grey lines between my horizontal widgets. When the dashboard is embedded, grey lines appear and divide the widgets (see image below). There are four s...

KHConsult by 7 - Data Storage
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Many to Many

hello. I want to know what happens with sisense and the server internally when a many to many relationship is generated, that is, I understand how it is generated and what it affects, but searching the documentation I can't find why sisense decides t...

2023 Sisense Roadmap Webinar - Discussion Thread

Thank you to everyone who was able to join us live yesterday for our webinar where we went through the key investment areas for Sisense in 2023. UPDATE: If you missed live, the webinar recording is available for you to view here. We answered as many ...

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