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Resolved! SSO Sisense App vs Iframe

Hi SisenseWe are trying to implement Auth0 SAML 2.0 SSO with Sisense. Once implemented, we see a new option on Sisense Login UI which asks us to login via SSONow my question is if I embed sisense as an iframe to our company App, will it require users...

Hide Widget Using Web Access Token

We have an embedded dashboard that utilizes web access token for filtering on different organizations. We have a widget that only needs to be displayed to certain organizations. Does anyone know if we can filter individual widgets using the web acces...

Resolved! Third Party Cookies Google Chrome Phase out

With Google Chrome's recent change to remove third-party cookies this year, many solutions responsible for running embedded content are being affected.In reviewing the Sisense documentation, it appears that alternatives such as utilizing Web Access T...

Multiple Dependent Filters at the same level

Hi Everyone, I am wondering if there is a way to have multiple dependent filters at the same 'level'. For example If I select a value in one filter, then 4 other filters all become available on the same hierarchy level.So in the example above, select...

ndewinkle by 8 - Cloud Apps
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Doubt about locking filters when embedding a Sisense board

Hello,I am reaching out to seek assistance from the community regarding a question about filters while embedding a Sisense board. I'm currently working on a platform where we embed various Sisense boards for our clients. I have explored different emb...

musta by 7 - Data Storage
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Vertical Grey Dividers

I have a dashboard that is embedded into a website. In the Sisense dashboard, I do not see vertical grey lines between my horizontal widgets. When the dashboard is embedded, grey lines appear and divide the widgets (see image below). There are four s...

KHConsult by 8 - Cloud Apps
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showing excluded filters in sisense sdk

Hi, I am working on some functionality where I want to reset t the default filters on every page refresh so to achieve this I am added applyFilter() in sisense sdk implementation but it is only taking active filters in members array it does not show ...