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Quest -Rolling average model

Here I am trying to create a rolling average quest model however Quest fails to load the model when deployed Here is the code :from sisense import pandas as pdimport jsondef main(event, context):window = 5# Format JSON into data frame for easy manipu...

Aadesh by 7 - Data Storage
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Embedding periscope dashboard in CRM

Hello there, We are using periscope dashboard which are authenticated through google SSO. Now we have a requirement to embed this dashboard in our in house CRM tool with proper authentication. I have read this procedure(https://dtdocs.sisense.com/art...

showing excluded filters in sisense sdk

Hi, I am working on some functionality where I want to reset t the default filters on every page refresh so to achieve this I am added applyFilter() in sisense sdk implementation but it is only taking active filters in members array it does not show ...

Formula for counting the views per user

Sisense provides our company with a usage analytics model. now what i want is to count the total number of views per user ? like how many times they have seen a dashboard? how do i do this ? i tried to do count all like DUPCOUNT [Userid] , but this s...

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vish1996 by 7 - Data Storage
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Resolved! BloX widget height

Hi, I'm new to BloX and I am currently using the transpose pivot template to create a custom table: https://support.sisense.com/kb/en/article/transposed-pivot-table-with-blox I have an issue that the BloX widget is always a fixed height, leaving a lo...

Vlad by 8 - Cloud Apps
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Resolved! Blox submit to zapier is empty

Hi all,I'm trying to create my first blox widget that collects some data and submits it to Zapier. I'm using Zapier's webhooks app and its catch hook event. When I submit from Blox I see the request in Zapier but it shows querystring: as empty. I've ...