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Google sheets infusion login

Hi all, When I'm using the Google sheets Infusion App, at the login screen it always asks me to provide the URL to our server. Is there an option to let the app remember the URL?

ScheurK by 9 - Travel Pro
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2023 Sisense Roadmap Webinar - Discussion Thread

Thank you to everyone who was able to join us live yesterday for our webinar where we went through the key investment areas for Sisense in 2023. UPDATE: If you missed live, the webinar recording is available for you to view here. We answered as many ...

Share your Infusion Apps feedback!

Do you have feedback about Infusion Apps? I'm Mia, the Product Manager for Infusion Apps. I'm always looking to better understand what customers are trying to do, and if our product is meeting your needs, or where we can make improvements! Drop feedb...


Bookmark permissions and visibility

If they want to control how their users see certain bookmarks (user can only see their own, team book marks, or org bookmarks), is that done through views only or is there another way to regulate that?

Data refresh in Infusion Apps

How often is the data in the infusion apps refreshed? Does that depend on when their builds occur, when they're refreshing their bookmarks, or both?