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Error when Connecting to Neo4j

I need to connect to Neo4j using a JDBC driver. Following are the details neo4j_driver = com.simba.neo4j.neo4j.jdbc42.Driver Download Driver file: URL = jdbc:neo4j:// It error...

dvagal by 7 - Data Storage
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Query error

We are connecting to an Atlas Federated MongoDB database. The tables have all imported correctly, but when attempting to preview data in any of them, we get this error Query ErrorCommand failed with error (adValue): 'parse error: unknown function TOP...

Exclude one group from viewing dashboards

We have a list of dashboards which are published to 'everyone'. We have a few new dashboards that are being setup for a specific group of users - these users should not have visibility to the existing dashboards that are published to 'everyone'. Is t...

cglowe by 8 - Cloud Apps
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Elasticube Data preview

Hello, I wonder why the data preview for ElastiCube is not working even though the cubes themselves are perfectly ok. For every ElastiCube, the data preview function does not work and it seems to take forever to load. I have waited for hours but noth...

yskim by 7 - Data Storage
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Upgrading Sisense Version

Good Day,We are currently on sisense version Web App and in the process of upgrading to the latest sisense version as a results we would like to enquire on any effect caused by upgrading. Kind regards,Emmanue Matsenene@Sly @Blaine0999

Emmanuel by 7 - Data Storage
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Changing table gives network error

We use Linux: Version: L2022.8.0.100.We go to Data Source->Table->Connection Settings->Change TableWe edit the table click Parse,We click the Preview Data button and see the data,But when we click the Done button to save the table changes, it gives N...

skecer by 7 - Data Storage
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Standalone Installer

Good Afternoon Sisense Community,Is there a standalone installer for sisense that we can utilize to install the initial product on our cloud instance? We are getting reports that we will have to allow or whitelist specific URL's to our environment, b...

Migrating Assets Across Environments Leveraging GIT

Sisense released its Git Integration for Linux version 2022.10. With the GIT GUI in Sisense you can can do a lot of exciting things like version control or integrate into CI/CD pipelines. I went ahead and put together a quick demo on how a developer ...

Sisense Slide.png
spuma by Sisense Team Member
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