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Resolved! Scheduled Build Not Building Table Changes

I have a scheduled build for my Elasticube each morning. The build behavior setting is set to "Replace All" on every table. When I make a change to a table the changes are not being built, new data is being imported but my new columns or where clause...

Resolved! How to allow users to download a table with 300+ columns

I have been given a SQL query that has a column for each day of the year, and about 50 rows with different business metrics. I have also been told that I need to host this query in Sisense for users to download the data. Given the restrictions on tab...

kwmacd by 8 - Cloud Apps
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New Tenant OpenId Missing

We are trying out creating a new tenant. We use JWT for SSO in the main instance, but was wanting to configure SSO to use OpenId Connect for the new tenant. When I look at the SSO configuration for the new tenant, I only see JWT and SAML. Is this by ...

Standalone Installer

Good Afternoon Sisense Community,Is there a standalone installer for sisense that we can utilize to install the initial product on our cloud instance? We are getting reports that we will have to allow or whitelist specific URL's to our environment, b...

unexpected N\A from PERCENTILE function

We sometimes received N\A results from a PERCENTILE calculation, even though with the same dataset we will get results from other statistical functions like AVG or MEDIAN.I'm wondering if this has to do with a minimum number of values requires to cal...

bminehart by 9 - Travel Pro
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Modify role permissions on a user duplicated dashboard

Any thoughts on modifying the role permissions on a duplicated dashboard? Per documentation - we could enable/disable the permissions at a dashboard level (ex: disabling widget edit capability), but when a dashboard is duplicated - the user is able t...

sbatlanki by 7 - Data Storage
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Sisense Trial Cloud IPs to connect to Postgres

Hi, I've subscribed to a free trial and I'm trying to connect to our cloud Postgres database via trial portal but I'm getting "The connection attempt failed." error. I've already whitelisted IPs

burma by 7 - Data Storage
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Empty filter at initial load in Linux version?

Has anyone discovered a way to make a single select text filter load "empty" by default? This used to be possible in the Windows version, but now that we have migrated to Linux, we have lost that ability.Use case...we have created dashboards that are...