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Client-Side Status Codes

This is by far the most common HTTP status code you can get. It indicates that the URL you used in your request doesn’t exist on the API server, or origin server. While this is a 4XX error, which usually means something on the client-side is wrong, t...

Using the /dashboards/admin gives a internal error 500

I am trying to pull data on all of the dashboards that are in sisense. I am using the /dashboards/admin endpoint: But when I call this endpoint I usually...

Dieter by 7 - Data Storage
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Resolved! Column level access

Hi there! Is there a way to restrict access to certain fields in a table of an elasticube to a specific set of user groups. For e.g. I want to hide the "X" field from certain Users and make it available for certain Users.

Resolved! Continuous Deployment on Live Data Models

Hello Folks, How do you migrate a development data model that reads data from a Development Schema to a production data model that reads data from a Production Schema without actually creating the data model from scratch? Details: We're about to make...