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Free Trial

this is the first time I use sisense, games use the trial version on "free trial and the page always redirects to Is this normal, d 'After me, would there not be an authentication form? Thank you

Riana29 by 7 - Data Storage
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Error during multinode installation on aws instance

We have three nodes created on AWS, and we've come across an error during the installation which is mentioned below.Error:time="2023-10-13T18:06:38Z" level=fatal msg="[[network] Host [] is not able to connect to the following ports: [172....

jase by 7 - Data Storage
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API Rate Limiting Clarification

Hello, I'm currently working with your API and I wanted to clarify the rate limiting policy. The documentation mentions a rate limit of X requests per minute, but I'm not certain if this applies to all endpoints or if there are different limits for s...

1_nBXfm6BcTvyfPf0f9MJ_-Q (1).jpg
tanu500 by 7 - Data Storage
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Upgrading Sisense Version

Good Day,We are currently on sisense version Web App and in the process of upgrading to the latest sisense version as a results we would like to enquire on any effect caused by upgrading. Kind regards,Emmanue Matsenene@Sly @Blaine0999

Emmanuel by 7 - Data Storage
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Standalone Installer

Good Afternoon Sisense Community,Is there a standalone installer for sisense that we can utilize to install the initial product on our cloud instance? We are getting reports that we will have to allow or whitelist specific URL's to our environment, b...

Sisense Trial Cloud IPs to connect to Postgres

Hi, I've subscribed to a free trial and I'm trying to connect to our cloud Postgres database via trial portal but I'm getting "The connection attempt failed." error. I've already whitelisted IPs

burma by 7 - Data Storage
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Drags to Build Time

I am looking for ways to cut some of the drag on my build times. Which connection is more tasking on a build? Looking up a value to make a custom column or connecting tables to access the attributes needed?

shanah by 7 - Data Storage
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