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New Tenant OpenId Missing

We are trying out creating a new tenant. We use JWT for SSO in the main instance, but was wanting to configure SSO to use OpenId Connect for the new tenant. When I look at the SSO configuration for the new tenant, I only see JWT and SAML. Is this by ...

API Rate Limiting Clarification

Hello, I'm currently working with your API and I wanted to clarify the rate limiting policy. The documentation mentions a rate limit of X requests per minute, but I'm not certain if this applies to all endpoints or if there are different limits for s...

1_nBXfm6BcTvyfPf0f9MJ_-Q (1).jpg
tanu500 by 7 - Data Storage
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Can't find provisioner

Hi,I want to install Sisense using the Provisioner as described here:

Connection to BigQuery

Hi to all.I am a brand new Sisense user, never used before, and sorry if this question is too basic.I am trying to connect to our BigQuery database and I was reading that I need to copy as service account, therefore I will need the key .json file and...

Sisense Prometheus (no pod / IP)

I am currently getting a destination unreachable on my Ubuntu sisense machine. After running kubectl get svc --all-namespaces I find that the Cluster IP that is unreachable stems from sisense-prom-operator-kube-prometheus. Everything else in this CL...

tmurray by 7 - Data Storage
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Building Elasticube with Google Sheets Error

I'm currently testing google sheets as a data source but the elasticube fails to build with this error:Connection failed: Data file not found.Error details: BE#952084 Failed to connect to Google Sheets.Connector response: Failed to connect to data so...

DE_Gen by 7 - Data Storage
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