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Issue with Elastic Cube Filed Fetching

Hello Sisense Support,I am writing to report an issue with one of our Elastic Cubes. When attempting to create a new dashboard using this Elastic Cube, the fields are not being fetched. Old dependent reports have data.I have attached screenshots for ...

rdangi2 by 7 - Data Storage
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Resolved! Scheduled Build Not Building Table Changes

I have a scheduled build for my Elasticube each morning. The build behavior setting is set to "Replace All" on every table. When I make a change to a table the changes are not being built, new data is being imported but my new columns or where clause...

Connection to BigQuery

Hi to all.I am a brand new Sisense user, never used before, and sorry if this question is too basic.I am trying to connect to our BigQuery database and I was reading that I need to copy as service account, therefore I will need the key .json file and...

Building Elasticube with Google Sheets Error

I'm currently testing google sheets as a data source but the elasticube fails to build with this error:Connection failed: Data file not found.Error details: BE#952084 Failed to connect to Google Sheets.Connector response: Failed to connect to data so...

DE_Gen by 7 - Data Storage
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Elasticube Data preview

Hello, I wonder why the data preview for ElastiCube is not working even though the cubes themselves are perfectly ok. For every ElastiCube, the data preview function does not work and it seems to take forever to load. I have waited for hours but noth...

yskim by 7 - Data Storage
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Resolved! How to Refresh the Data source in Elasticube

Hello guys,I have created a dashboard which is connected with Excel sheet ( Elasticube). Now I have done some changes in Excel source file. In order to get the refresh number on dashboard what should I do ?I have created the build again. but impact o...

Learner by 7 - Data Storage
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Connecting to Clickhouse

I was recently speaking with @Kat about certified connectors and related status for those connectors – specifically related to Clickhouse, which is listed as a Certified data connector for Sisense. Are there any Sisense customers out there that are u...

Sisense Trial Cloud IPs to connect to Postgres

Hi, I've subscribed to a free trial and I'm trying to connect to our cloud Postgres database via trial portal but I'm getting "The connection attempt failed." error. I've already whitelisted IPs

burma by 7 - Data Storage
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