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Error during multinode installation on aws instance

We have three nodes created on AWS, and we've come across an error during the installation which is mentioned below.Error:time="2023-10-13T18:06:38Z" level=fatal msg="[[network] Host [] is not able to connect to the following ports: [172....

jase by 7 - Data Storage
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Can't find provisioner

Hi,I want to install Sisense using the Provisioner as described here:

Changing table gives network error

We use Linux: Version: L2022.8.0.100.We go to Data Source->Table->Connection Settings->Change TableWe edit the table click Parse,We click the Preview Data button and see the data,But when we click the Done button to save the table changes, it gives N...

skecer by 7 - Data Storage
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Migrating Assets Across Environments Leveraging GIT

Sisense released its Git Integration for Linux version 2022.10. With the GIT GUI in Sisense you can can do a lot of exciting things like version control or integrate into CI/CD pipelines. I went ahead and put together a quick demo on how a developer ...

Sisense Slide.png
spuma by Sisense Team Member
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Changing your UID and GID to 1000

While deploying Sisense on a Linux OS Distribution, you may need to use UID and GID 1000 for the installation user (linux_user in YAML). Step 1: Check the UID and GID of your installation user:Run the following command: id installation_user or id $(w...

Papa by Sisense Team Member
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Sisense not restarting (linux) on reboot

Anyone know what we should be looking for? We're ssh'd into the instance, but am not sure what to do next to troubleshoot. Found nothing in the online documentation, except for notes on how to install and reconfigure.

bpeikes by 9 - Travel Pro
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Deploy Sisense on EKS 1.22 with RKE

Hello Team, We recently upgraded the Sisense from L2022.06.0 to L2022.11.0, on EKS 1.22. I am trying to understand the migration process from Kubespray to RKE. On versions L2022.11.0 and L2023.3.1, inside the links below, both contain a folder called...

Cleber by 7 - Data Storage
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Resolved! Cronjob to copy files from local to K8

Hi All,Currently I am using the followingkubectl cp /home/ftpifx sisense/`kubectl -n sisense get po -l 'app=management' | awk 'END { print $1 }'`:/opt/sisense/storage/data/informix/command to copy files between our local system and the storage pod.Ho...

Wishaal by 8 - Cloud Apps
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