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Resolved! In Sisense, how can you "group by" in ranges?

Suppose I have data organized in a pivot (widget). where within the pivot table, each rows represent a team member, e.g. (jack, jon, doe etc). The team members are part of teams, where 'team name' is a column in the same pivot (widget) I'd like to ge...

leo82 by 9 - Travel Pro
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Resolved! Show Last Updated Date on Dashboard

Hi! I'm creating a dashboard and want to show when the data source for the dashboard was last refreshed at the top of the dashboard, since the users will want this. Is there any widget I can add or script to add to achieve this?

amelia by 10 - ETL
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Blox Template - Cards

Here is a blox template for cards Refer : Blox Editor Script: { "style": "", "script": "", "title": "", "showCarousel": false, "body": [ { "type": "ColumnSet", "columns": [ { "type": "Column", "s...

harikm007_0-1655984684235.png harikm007_1-1655984840856.png
harikm007 by 13 - Data Warehouse
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Filter relationships

Hi all, Sisense 2022.6 comes with Filter relationships. It says it requires the analytical engine to create these relationships. Does this mean this feature is only available for live models? Or is it also available for Elasticubes? Kind regards,Sche...

ScheurK by 9 - Travel Pro
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Resolved! How do I pass the content of a text Input to a Blox filter?

I'm trying to create a slightly more restrictive text filter using Blox. I want my users to be able to type in a search term to filter on, but I only want them to be able to do a 'contains' filter, not the other free text filter options.I've managed ...

Removing First Row

Hi Sisense Community! I would like to write a script to remove the first row of the pivot table in my widget. I don't want to use an advanced filter, as I already tried that and using a filter affects the rest of the values since I use a DIFFPASTWEEK...

amelia by 10 - ETL
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Multi-Level Headings to Group Columns Together

Hi Sisense Community! I have a question with regards to dashboard design: For the pivot table widget, would it be possible to add category headers for the metric columns like this? I have pivot tables with several metrics, so it would be ideal to gro...

Screen Shot 2022-06-17 at 11.11.15 AM.png
amelia by 10 - ETL
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Resolved! Custom Filtering for Viewers - Blank Filter Menu

I have a dashboard with three filter buttons made from BloX that will filter the dashboard for specific time ranges (last 2 weeks, last 4 weeks, last 8 weeks). These buttons work as expected by creating a custom filter when there is no option that ma...

vrice by 8 - Cloud Apps
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Pivot 2.0 - Hiding Columns from the Display

When creating a Pivot 2.0 chart (Linux) you may want to hide a specific column. There are various reasons for doing so: I want to sort by a column that shouldn't be displayed I want to display a column when exporting the table to Excel or CSV, but hi...

Ophir_Buchman_0-1655368363998.png Ophir_Buchman_1-1655368535823.png 83227784_3726975083979609_8570336295451099136_n[1].jpg

Resolved! Customizable card view for widget

Hi, Can I manipulate card view for individual widgets and also easily make changes to set the card view type border only for certain sides of the (Top, Bottom, Left, Right) widget? Thanks

Removing the "Analyze It" button from your Dashboard Widgets

When sharing a dashboard you might want to prevent the user from seeing the "Analyze It" buttons on the widget's title bar Add the following dashboard script: dashboard.on('widgetready', function(dash) { $('.analyze-it-button').remove()}) Before Afte...

Ophir_Buchman_2-1655366090343.png Ophir_Buchman_0-1655366052371.png 83227784_3726975083979609_8570336295451099136_n[1].jpg

Iteration in Blox with Header iterations

I want to make the iteration over the Form Name marked(in red) in the below image. So, basically here there is a header name which has some attributes and their corresponding values which is different for every header and also there are multiple such...


Resolved! Hide Widget

Hi, I referenced this post to arrange widgets I want the widgets I am referencing to remain on the same dashboard, but I want to hide them so that they are onl...

gwolfe by 10 - ETL
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