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Searchable Input Text That Displays the Value Selected

Hi, I need to have a searchable input text (see image attached) that say searches by country name (a field in a dimension table). Once I type in say "Australia" and hit "Apply", the dashboard should filter accordingly. The key requirement is for the ...

prakashp by 8 - Cloud Apps
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Is it possible to change the scroll bar color?

I have several pivots and tables that require scrolling through. Given that I have a dark background, the scroll bar is hard for users to see. I’d like to change the color to improve the user experience. Ideally, this would be done at a high level, b...

Laflet by 9 - Travel Pro
  • 6 replies
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Blox Widget

I have a dashboard with six KPIs across the top. I am using an existing dashboard as a temple. The existing dashboard uses BLOX for the widgets. I created the first of the six KPIs by pulling in the unique members in the data. By default, Sisense "na...

KHConsult by 8 - Cloud Apps
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Scatter Map - Details not working

Hello, I am facing an issue regarding Scatter Maps. I have a dimensional table including some store codes, in which I left joined some latitude and longitude coordinates, as shown in the schema below. When I create the scatter map, I want to use the ...

MikeGre_0-1676908322063.png MikeGre_1-1676908468363.png
MikeGre by 9 - Travel Pro
  • 2 replies
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RSUM not producing desired result when filtering

I've built a widget that uses RSUM to sum the values for multiple rows/RSUM of Fiscal Period of Year as shown in column Avg YTD Revenue shown in the two screen shots below: Works great. However, if I filter the pivot down to a single Fiscal Period th...

Capto_Capture 2023-02-15_05-58-45_PM.png Capto_Capture 2023-02-15_05-59-22_PM.png Capto_Capture 2023-02-15_06-02-57_PM.png

Resolved! How to decrypt the encrypted columns

I have a few columns in the database that are encrypted. I checked with my data warehouse team and they said it is something Sisense is doing. Does anyone know how to decrypt these columns?

zach_myt by 10 - ETL
  • 2 replies
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Option to drill down in Funnel Chart?

I'm wondering if there is a widget script available to enable "drilling down" into a category of a Funnel Chart. When I right click on a Funnel Chart category, no menu appears. Drilling down is available for Pie Charts, which summarizes data in the s...

ebambury by 8 - Cloud Apps
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Resolved! Dynamic heat map for Gradient color in pivot

Hi Team,I am creating a gradient heat map for pivot and using this script. But, this only works for the second column. I tried to tweak the var tag but it's not working, can anyone help me with this.Thank you cc: @harikm007 // select color theme from...


Enable/Disable Pivot columns based on selected filter

Sometimes we need to hide or show few columns in pivot table based on a filter selected. Here is a script to achieve this. Reference: Steps: Create a Pivot table A...

harikm007 by 13 - Data Warehouse
  • 1 replies
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Sisense connectivity

Hi Team, Is their any method to connect Sisense to SharePoint if any please let me know Thanks in advance,

Resolved! Dashboard time filter from dynamic TODAY until forever

Hi. I have searched and cant seem to find this specific answer and I have tried multiple attempts of using currentdate(), today(), etc. I need a dashboard time filter that starts TODAY, end date doesn't matter as I can make it 20 years into the futur...

mccoy1000 by 7 - Data Storage
  • 2 replies
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