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Resolved! Analyze SQL Query vs Visualize JAQL

What is the "Analyze SQL Query" section of the widget for? I can see its SQL however there are no recommendations or visualizations to show the execution or how to improve the query.There used to be a visualizer for the JAQL but that seems to be remo...

Resolved! How to add a single row below the header in pivot widget.

Hi,I was working with the pivot widget in my dashboard and I needed to add a row right below the header like a description.It should be above the table content which should appear right below the header and it should be shown in the export as well. I...

Error case.png Error case.png

Paldi plugin

Hi,We have few queries related to Advanced filter plugin usage along with viewer dashboard. We have around 5 submenu's in the viewer dashboard. We would need to show the filter only in specific submenu configured in viewer dashboard. Could you please...

subhak by 7 - Data Storage
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Button in Pivot table at the row level

Hi,Use case explained below: We have a specific set of dashboard requirements for which we're trying to do a feasibility analysis. Let's say we display call info in a table in a dashboard ; where each row corresponds to data of a call. Can we have a ...

R1 by 7 - Data Storage
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Blox Drop Down mutli selection

I have a Blox dropdown filter that is one selection at a time. I would like to make it multi select but the only link I can find is here: there a way to make the...


Dashboards not importing into development

After exporting a dashboard from our production enviornment and importing it into development, I am unable to see them in our dev environment even though there is a "Dashboards Imported Successfully" message.I have tried refreshing my browser as well...

eS_Ce by 9 - Travel Pro
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Hide Widget Category using Javascript

Hello,I'm creating a column chart widget with two categories (Column in English and Column in French). I intend to hide/show columns dynamically based on the user's language preference. Is it feasible to control the column display directly through th...

paulDiag by 8 - Cloud Apps
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Resolved! Dynamic Pivot Columns per Dimension

Hello All!Anyone here that can share a way to apply switchable column values in a pivot table using either dropdown/button feature of blox?The idea is if I choose Dimension 1 (Channel), the columns will change to all values for Channel (e.g. Chat, Ph...

ajque by 8 - Cloud Apps
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How to delete/hide rows Using Pivot 2.0 API

It's possible to hide columns in Sisense widget scripts by setting the cell width to 0, but I don't see any cell styles that sets row height. I want to use the transform pivot option to hide all row cells except for the Subtotals.

Extract Proper Names from Free Text

Can Sisense with it's advanced AI features extract proper names from free text?Was not able to find specifics to this feature on Community forum or Sisense sites. Thanks, - D

Dennis_M by 9 - Travel Pro
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Pulse Alerts

I read all the docs regarding the Pulse Alerts for a widget and didn't find the answer to my issue,I want to send an alert only if a Main value of an indicator widget is higher then the value in the secondary, not a static value (which i saw is possi...

adammor by 8 - Cloud Apps
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