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The iFrame Widget Plugin is a powerful tool that enables you to embed any web page that you wish into your dashboard, using its URL.
A great use of the iFrame widget can also be used to Embed Google Docs or Sheets.
The quick access to the document or sheet can be used to store notes and comments derived from a dashboard's results. Furthermore, it can be utilized for reading or even updating the same spreadsheet being used as an Elasticube's data source (write back).
Other users with whom the dashboard is shared will be able to view the content of the doc, only if its sharing settings allow it. You can decide if the user must be logged in to Google, and if so, who may view and who may edit. For more information about it, see this Google article.
To embed a single fixed doc:
1. Get the required doc's URL. If you want the doc to be editable, use the shareable URL. If you want it to be presented in presentation only mode, use the Published URL.
2. Create a new iFrame widget.
3. In the Widget's edit mode, provide the document's URL to the iFrame. 
4. Apply your changes.
To Embed a dynamic, filter responsive selection of documents:
1. Create a table that would list all of the relevant documents' description and URL. In the below example, we are using the owner's Email as the description that we will filter by:
2. Import the table into an existing or to a new Elasticube. The table can exist as a stand-alone island, and enable filtering based on its inline dimensions, or it can be integrating into an existing model, to enable interaction with its additional filters. 
3. Create a new iFrame widget based on the same cube. In the widget's URL panel, add the field that holds the documents' URLs
4. Apply changes and inspect your dashboard. You can now choose the required document by choosing the relevant Email:
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