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Recommendations For A Book/Tutorial On SQL For Sisense

Question For a novice starting out with Sisense and a very basic knowledge of SQL, would someone in this community be able to recommend a book and/or tutorial that could help expedite learning the SQL syntax used in the system to set up custom tables...

How to Split Row On New Line

Question Currently have a one column custom SQL table that has multiple entries per row, separated by a new line. I would like to be able to split or break apart the multiple values so we are left with one normalized table/column that has all of the ...

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How To Filter For The Last Two Records Using SQL In Ecube

Question How to find out if there exists the top 2 records for the same ClientID in a table. I know that the MAX gives the Top record and that SQL has the LIMIT 2 but I cannot use these two keywords in eCube. Answer This can be easily done within the...

List Of Date Format Conversions

Question A date stored in a source system is not a datetime that Sisense recognizes. Converting it to a Sisense datetime allows powerful front end capabilities (such as drill down, quick functions and more). Answer Julian AddDays(CreateDate(1970,1,1)...

Get ElastiCube from Process ID

Question I would like to be able to track memory consumption of my ElastiCubes, but I can't find an easy way to link the process ID of my ElastiCube to the cube name. Answer If you open the Task Manager, go to the Details tab and right-click on one o...


Consortium Data By Masking Sensitive Values

Question Some organizations provide Sisense to their clients as part of their business offering. Some of these organizations would like also to provide clients with the consortium data derived from Sisense - a single ElastiCube where clients submit t...

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LAG / LEAD Functions

Question LAG & LEAD Functions are functions that give access to multiple rows within a table, without the need for a self-join. The LAG function is used to access data from a previous row, while the LEAD function is used to return data from rows furt...

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Lookup With Two Conditions

Question How to do a lookup using two conditions (i.e., pulling project number on a unique equipment for a specific day)? Answer You can only use one field as the key field in Lookup function. So, it is better to create a combined key (using concat o...

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