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Migrating data out of Sisense

Dear community members - happy new year. Although I have seen this post it doesn't full gives me what I need. Am working on project which is funded therefore our license was paid thru the funder and unfortunately the funds have runout and we want to ...

eudson by 7 - Data Storage
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Issues with Incremental Build on JDBC table

Hi all, CONTEXT ------------------We use GenericJDBC connector with custom queries to fetch data from our mongodb data source on Sisense. Our data model is similar to a star schema with one DIM table and several aggregated fact tables. Till date we h...

suchitsanghvi_0-1673628166004.png suchitsanghvi_1-1673628175008.png

Unwanted Join Path

I'm facing an m2m error on one of my widgets. From the Analyze Widget JAQL view, I can see the issue is that inventory.tenant_id and vendor.tenant_id are not connected directly to The problem is that they are joined directly in the elastic...

cglowe by 8 - Cloud Apps
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Is it safe to delete PrismWeb logs

Hi, I found that "C:\ProgramData\Sisense\PrismWeb\Logs" occupied 5 GB space. This folder is not mentioned in Sisense documentation for clean up. SO is it safe to delete these logs? And please mention if you have any other suggestions on cleaning up C...

prajwal by 7 - Data Storage
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AccumulateBy with Connection change

Hi Team, I have cube with 800M rows and it is currently building incrementally. I got scenario where my DB source upgraded and I should change my connectivity of cube. What should happens if build a schema build? will my build bring only latest data ...

nazeer475 by 7 - Data Storage
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Retrieving previous rows data in Sisense Data Modeling

Hello all, I have a requirement where we need to get the value of last row's ending balance as beginning balance of the current row and this process should carry on for next 100 rows. And we don't have any base table for this and everything is build ...

adityak by 7 - Data Storage
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Migrating Elasticubes from Windows to Linux

Hi, I want to export elasticube from windows Sisense and import it to the Linux Sisense. I am able to export elasticube of type .ecube and .ecdata from Windows Sisense(7.0.2) But my Linux(L2022.8) is only allowing import of .smodel files. Could anyon...

Akhila by 8 - Cloud Apps
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Identify Unused Fields on Cube

As our reporting needs and abilities change over time some fields on a cube become unnecessary. Has anyone found a way to identify what fields are NOT being used to easily trim down cubes? Thanks,

gwolfe by 9 - Travel Pro
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how to increase the chunck size

I have a table that has 1454334099 records and the build downloads 100000 in one hour it downloads 100.000.000 how can I increase the chuck or what is the best alternative to decrease the build times?

alexgv12 by 9 - Travel Pro
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Builds succeed, but records missing

Has anyone else run into a situation where Elasticube builds succeed, but only return a partial set of records? I'm finding that it is only happening in our largest Redshift table. There are 1.5 million records...the build is shown as successful but ...

ElastiCube Data Security

I am having issues with setting up Data Security - The goal is to create a hierarchy in which each employee can see only his/her data alone. I have set up the ElastiCube to also join manager emails so a manager can see his/her whole team. Upon showin...

Rkile by 8 - Cloud Apps
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How do I connect MySQL to Sisense?

This is my first time using Sisense, I was asked as part of the interview process to get myself familiar with Sisense platform so I signed up for a free trial to use Sisense. I'm wondering if I can connect MySQL to Sisense on MacOS? Because I saw tha...