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Sisense Implement RLS in Bigquery to access data in sisense

HiCurrently I have an created dashboard which takes data from Bigquery. I am planning to add RLS(row-level-security) policies to Bigquery tables so that data belonged to particular user/tenant can only be shown. How can I update my dashboard or data-...

shashika by 7 - Data Storage
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Live connection - slow initial load times

I'm wanting to move from building an elasticube to using a live model. I'm noticing that initial load times across all widgets/dashboards are very slow on the first load, even when the query is quite small. Once cached, load times of course are quick...

cglowe by 8 - Cloud Apps
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Sort and Filter multiple custom Values (formulas)

I want to create a bar chart. Under Categories would be "Common Term", which is dropdown field that has close to 300 distinct options a user can select. The size of each bar would be the number of Matters that contain each Common Term. The problem is...

Jake_Raz by 9 - Travel Pro
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Resolved! Include All filter to use values in list

When I use a filter in the dashboard and select all of the options Sisense doesn't include all of the options, it actually removes the "where clause" as the select all. So if I have three options in a filter and have all of them selected the filter b...

Customize Embedded Dashboard Layout

We have some dashboards embedded in our site. We would like to have the ability for the end user to customize their dashboard layout if they choose to do so by dragging and dropping widgets. Is it possible for end users/viewers to have the ability to...

Resolved! View Dashboard Pending Changes

Is there a way to view the pending changes for a dashboard? There are some changes pending on a dashboard and it has been quite a while since I have touched the dashboard so I am not sure what those change are. Is there a way to view pending changes ...

Resolved! Widget Custom Grouping

I have a pie chart of IP address that is counting logins. I would like to group the IP address that are similar into one group. So if the IP starts with then that would be group 1 then would be group 2. I can do this u...

Dashboard breaking when using Shared Formulas

Hi,our team enabled shared formulas in DEV and PROD. We create the dashboards in DEV and migrated to PROD. When migrating the PROD we are getting this error. If I edit the widget and go the 'values' section, all the values are empty so I need to re-a...


Resolved! Dimension filter on id not working correctly

I have a dashboard with a dimension filter. The dimension filter table is a list of organizations and the products associated with those organizations. I have a widget displaying organization and product buy counts. When I filter on a product ID that...

What influences cube size in Sisense?

Assuming that you have a properly-designed dimensional cube structure, with no many-to-many problems... in your experience, what are the biggest factors that influence total cube size? (And therefore Sisense system performance impact, memory utilizat...

Modeling patterns

There are a couple of dimensional modeling patterns that you see out there, that I'm wondering if Sisense supports correctly.1. Snowflaking - (I don't mean Snowflake the database) - having rollup, lower-grain dimensions hung off of other more detaile...

Resolved! "Reusable cube" for dimensions

in a typical corporate data warehouse scenario, we'd have a wide range of facts covering different areas of the business. They in turn would likely be set up as different Elasticubes/models that have a small number of facts in each.However, it would ...

Lowest Sisense role needed to 'CREATE' new notebooks.

Hello,I need clarity on the lowest Sisense role needed to 'CREATE' new notebooks. Not just view, edit and own.The user guide ( says 'Data Designers' can, but someone has a hunch that i...

leo82_0-1701790314299.png leo82_1-1701790709888.png
leo82 by 9 - Travel Pro
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Visual datamodel for end-users and data dictionary

Hi,As an OEM we give our customers the possibility to use designer-accounts to create their own reports. The difficulty we have been struggling with is how to simply explain our complex datamodel. We have been working on a solution that we want to sh...

HamzaJ_0-1700653965618.png HamzaJ_1-1700654161251.png
HamzaJ by 12 - Data Integration
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