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How do I connect MySQL to Sisense?

This is my first time using Sisense, I was asked as part of the interview process to get myself familiar with Sisense platform so I signed up for a free trial to use Sisense. I'm wondering if I can connect MySQL to Sisense on MacOS? Because I saw tha...


Hi I need help with this error I receive after I have created a custom column and I want to use the same columns to do calculation on. Example of the custom column: Select (Case When [NPS_rating_Answer_Value]>=9 thenCount([Result_ID]) Else Null END) ...

Wrong range in dynamic buckets

hello I am using dynamic buckets to show number of customers in each spend range for the selected time period, I am using the dynamic bucket plugin. My issue is the highest bucket range i.e. 800 is wrong as the maximum spend I have in my view is 741 ...


Resolved! Using Coalesce with Lookup in a custom column

I need to create a custom column on one of my tables. This column will be a LOOKUP from another table. However, if the current row has no match in the remote table, I want to use the value from the current match column. Here is what I am attempting t...

CDavidOrr by 9 - Travel Pro
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LAG/LEAD in Sisense Data Modeling

Hello all, I want to know whether there's a possible alternate for Lag and Lead functions in Sisense. I want to design a table where the row values are to be calculated based on the previous row values. The example of the model I want create is attac...

adityak by 7 - Data Storage
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Links in Pivot Table

Hello, I am trying to create a column that links to our gift pages on our crm. The problem is when it goes to the url, it has the donor data at the top from the last viewed donor, instead of the donor data of the gift. Our solution is first to open t...

Resolved! Pulling Sisense user data into an elasticube

Is there an easy way to pull some of the user data that's stored in Sisense into an elasticube? Specifically what I'm trying to do is pull a table of user IDs and names for all of our users with Sisense accounts and use this data in a dashboard. I ca...

mattmca by 9 - Travel Pro
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Sisense Data Models Data Dictionary

Sisense documentation lists Data Dictionary as one of the product features. Documentation for that is shown here: Creating Data Dictionaries. However, this feature only supports the creation of table and column description information. This is helpfu...


Building Cube - Long Time Initializing and Finalizing

My cubes can take 15-20 minutes during the initializing and finalizing steps when building. This is out of the 25-30 minutes it takes to do the entire build - so over 50% of our build time is coming from these steps. Does anyone have an idea what cou...

vrice by 8 - Cloud Apps
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How to filter out dates past the current date

Hi! I have one metric here that is using the PREV() function to get data from 4 weeks ago. Hence, the date rows go all the way to 4 weeks in the future here. I have included a widget filter called current_date_flag, which is basically a row in my EC ...

amelia by 10 - ETL
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Resolved! In Sisense, how can you "group by" in ranges?

Suppose I have data organized in a pivot (widget). where within the pivot table, each rows represent a team member, e.g. (jack, jon, doe etc). The team members are part of teams, where 'team name' is a column in the same pivot (widget) I'd like to ge...

leo82 by 9 - Travel Pro
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