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Issue in Flattening JSON objects in Jira

We actually have to flatten the column which has JSON kind of representing data in the sisense elastic cube which was imported from Jira data source through JDBC connector. For this we have tried the JSON_Value() to split JSON consisting column to fl...

JSON Issue.png
Chandra by 8 - Cloud Apps
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Resolved! Looking to run Script on any filter changes

Hello! I am a developer and have recently been delving into building Javascript API calls for Pivot 2.0 I am looking for a way for my script to run every single time an end user changes any filters on their dashboard. I've been scouring the forums bu...

Resolved! Center Pivot2 (Linux)

Just migrated from Windows to Linux. Looking for a responsive Pivot2 script with will center the widget in it's container in place of the the standard left justify. See below for example: We have a script, but it requires adjusting the margin in the ...

Capto_Capture 2021-12-27_12-21-58_PM.png

Performance with Jupyter Notebooks in Sisense

Hi all, We have experienced some issues when deploying custom code to our ElastiCubes with custom Python algorithms. We have developed some algorithms in Jupyter Notebooks in local boxes (using Anaconda) and the execution performance of the algorithm...

Unable to login after upgrade

I just upgrade our Windows Server from Sisense version 20.21.4 to 20.21.9 I also applied the logger patch All succeeded without any known errors When I login using the Sisense Client, I receive an message : "There was a problem during operation" I ca...

ScottSut by 7 - Data Storage
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'Sisense.AlertingMQ.exe' (Process) is Down

I am using Windows application and 'Sisense.AlertingMQ.exe' processing is getting down every 20-25 minutes. I have restarted services Gateway, Broker, Galaxy in same order but this couldnt resolve the issue.

hmingwal by 7 - Data Storage
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Resolved! Continuous Deployment on Live Data Models

Hello Folks, How do you migrate a development data model that reads data from a Development Schema to a production data model that reads data from a Production Schema without actually creating the data model from scratch? Details: We're about to make...

Resolved! Table Widget Format Header Row

Hello, I'm new to the Beta Community and a Java novice. Can a member direct me to internal Sisense sources on how to format a table widget's column header row and selected table columns (background color, font attributes, etc.)? Working in Linux envi...

Dennis_M by 9 - Travel Pro
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Install on proxy environments

Hi all, When installing Sisense (Linux version) on proxy environments, the script uses a command to check if some sites are reacheable from the server. It's the nc command (at least at Red Hat deployments). This command does not work on pr...

Empty filter at initial load in Linux version?

Has anyone discovered a way to make a single select text filter load "empty" by default? This used to be possible in the Windows version, but now that we have migrated to Linux, we have lost that ability.Use case...we have created dashboards that are...

Resolved! Indicater for number in columb

Hi, so I would like to show a number (11.4) of the column (the name can be anything, let's say Field3 for now) Japan 2019 11.4 8.9 As an indicator on widget but it shows the count of the whole column which is 2, including N/A. How do I present only "...

Mis by 8 - Cloud Apps
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