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Continuous Deployment on Live Data Models

7 - Data Storage
7 - Data Storage

Hello Folks, 

How do you migrate a development data model that reads data from a Development Schema to a production data model that reads data from a Production Schema without actually creating the data model from scratch? 

Details: We're about to make our initial release of Sisense embedded dashboards. We have a Production and Development Environment in Sisense and we're quite happy to be able to migrate dashboards and data models from one env to another seamlessly. However, here is the problem. We have a very complex data model and we don't want to recreate it from scratch every time we release a new version of the dashboards.  In order to not impact the Production Dashboards while working on future versions, our Production Data Model is connected to a Production Schema in Snowflake while our Development Data Model is connected to a Development Schema in Snowflake. When we migrate DEV Dashboards and Data Models to PROD environment on Sisense, everything is good except the DATA SOURCE for our DEV Data Model. It still points to DEV Schema in Snowflake and there is no way to change the schema even though the underlying table names are same in both schemas. And again, we don't want to create the data models from scratch for Production Environment. 

Has anyone find a solution for this? Thanks!


9 - Travel Pro
9 - Travel Pro

You should have an option on the Data tab within the user interface to change the connection or the provider on a Data Source . That should allow you to switch between Dev and Production.

Open the Model, then Data Sources > Connection Settings > Change Connection/Provider/Database

Good luck!

Thank you for your reply @irismaessen . Unfortunately, that's not working as I get this error when I try to switch from DEV schema to PROD schema:

```All tables must belong to the same schema, please select a different database which includes all tables under one schema.```