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Elasticube destination questions

9 - Travel Pro
9 - Travel Pro


I haven't found any documentation about the Elasticube destination feature. For example, I f i choose to set my Elasticube destination to our Snowflake instance, what's the effect? The Elasticube can be queried by Snowflake users? Or it's stored in a binary or propietary format, so only Sisense can quety the Elasticube? If you can provide the documentation, it would be great!



8 - Cloud Apps
8 - Cloud Apps

I'm not 100% sure but you can try to use the REST API for that. On your external environment side there should be made a piece of code which would be able to connect to a Sisense ECube just by REST API.

Please look at those calls below:
1. (0.9) query-rest-controller -> [GET] /datasources/{cubeName}/sql "Execute sql" - this should be for data retrieving,
2. (1.0) authentication -> [POST] /authentication/login "Authenticate" - this should be for auth.

This is documentation for REST API:

Hope it is helpful.

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