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Resolved! New Blox Border Snippet

I cannot figure out where in the editor to place the border snippet code to keep my blox widget from using the system defaulted corner radius. No matter where I place it the corners of the widget remain rounded. { "spaceAround": "none|small|medium|la...

How to avoid duplicate rows in BLOX pivot

Hello, We have a BLOX pivot from which there are multiple JTDs, from different columns. But the issue is that we are getting duplicate rows due to the different columns we are using. We are unable to hide certain columns since those are being passed ...

Pulse and exploration paths for Blox Widgets

Hi all, I wondered if it is possible to enable pulse or exploration paths for a blox widget, there doesn't seem to be any information/documentation regarding this following a quick search. Ideally, I'm hoping there is a custom action that can trigger...

DamianC by 8 - Cloud Apps
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Resolved! JTD - BLOX: script to include and exclude filters

Hi, We are using JTD from blox pivot, in which we want the JTD to use different filters. Currently it is defaulted to the dashboard filters. I am using include and exclude dim filters, but it is not working right. Can someone please help with what I ...

How to set two filters using a blox widget?

Hi, I currently have two filters that apply to different widgets on my dashboard. Note that the two filters have different grains, one is at day and the other is at month. I have a single blox widget with a Is there any way to add a butto...

Lander by 7 - Data Storage
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Assitance with Text Alignment on input text

Hi i have successfully created a form where stakeholders are able to input information. the only issue i seem to have now is the ability to center the text input they type and increase the size, i have tried horizontal alignment and size but doesn't ...

Sly by 7 - Data Storage
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issue creating a dropdown filter

Hi i have been trying to create a dropdown filter for over 600 campaigns but seem to have an issue once i have imported the template as it defaults back to the Blox template "Welcome to Blox" the code is not saved on the imported template and also do...

Sly by 7 - Data Storage
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Resolved! Sort BloX Widget Carousel by Value

I am looking to find a way to use a widget script to override the sort logic for a BloX Carousel. Use Case: I am displaying the Top 10 agents for a company and wish to sort by the production rank of the individuals as opposed to the alphabetical orde...

jwoodard by 7 - Data Storage
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Fix Blox widget height for JTD button

Hi, Is there a single script that can be embedded in a Blox widget to fix the height of the widget? I am using JTD in Blox and am not able to manage the height of the widget. Please let me know if I need to change anything in the configuration file. ...

Resolved! Responsive Blox

Hi, I have created few KPIs using Blox which looks aesthetically very appealing. However, my users work on different resolution and scaling on different machines and all the built-in charts (line chart, bar chart, column chart) gets adjusted accordin...

Scroll Through Blox Cards

I have built a series of cards using Blox and would like for the carousel arrows to actually move through the cards themselves and not just the data, any way to do that?

tbwoodt by 7 - Data Storage
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Blox Card that Jumps to a Specific Widget in a Dashboard?

I am new to Blox, the dashboards that have been built were done with the standard Sisense elements not Blox. I would like to build blox cards that have a jump-to button that jumps to their corresponding widget that is in the dashboard that has alread...

tbwoodt by 7 - Data Storage
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