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Python: write Excel file to Sisense Cloud Server location

10 - ETL
10 - ETL

I'm developing a simple Python script that outputs a dataframe to an Excel file.  I would like to write it directly to a folder on my Sisense Cloud server.  Is this possible?  I didn't see anything in the SDK doc's or REST API doc that would allow me to do this.  My current working code to output to a local file path is:

My code is already logged into the server as I'm using the REST API to extract some data.  I've been try things like:  df.to_excel(Path('/opt/sisense/storage/MyFolder','.xlsx')) as well as 
df.to_excel(Path(server_name+'/app/explore/files/MyFolder','.xlsx')).  Not working.
Any help is greatly appreciated.
Regards, Jim