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Data types for Live Data Source

We are using a Live query as a datasource which is based on a query against a table in a redshift cluster. I'm looking at the queries that are being submitted against the RedShift tables, and it appears that Sisense is interpreting one of our columns...

bpeikes by 9 - Travel Pro
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Resolved! live cubes - databricks

the sisense native databricks connector works with live cubes, currently it works with elastic cubes but when I try to create a live cube but the databricks option does not come up.

alexgv12 by 9 - Travel Pro
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Is it possible to create a custom Python connector?

I was wondering if there's a way to create additional connectors using Python? We are able to create custom code Python scripts that can for example retrieve data from an API. This works great, but using the custom code approach has some problems: 1....

benmi by 8 - Cloud Apps
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Resolved! mongo connector

I need to create a cube with the mongo connector but when I go to create the connection I do not see the connector, I go and enable it from the configuration and go back to add the source and still the connector does not appear, what additional step ...

alexgv12 by 9 - Travel Pro
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JDBC connector for live model

Hi, We had established Athena connection using the JDBC connector present under elasticube model. We wanted to establish Athena connection using live model but could not find JDBC connector for the same. Do let us know the right way to connect with A...

Loading ElastiCube from s3

We will have our data files, one per day residing in S3. We would like to load these files into Sisense Elasticube. From the Sisense website, it appears that there should be an S3 connector, but the link goes to a generic page. See the link at the bo...

bpeikes by 9 - Travel Pro
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Using a dashboard multi-tenant?

We are using Sisense to provide dashboards to our clients. In order to keep the security relatively simple, the idea is that each client would have their own cube/live data source. All sources will have the same schema. The idea is that we could desi...

bpeikes by 9 - Travel Pro
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REST API v2 Dataset Bigquery

Hi! I have been trying to get familiar with the REST Api and managed to connect & create a datamodel through a Python script. Now for the next step I would like to create a dataset in this datamodel by connecting to BigQuery, I only can not seem to f...

mcfarmer by 7 - Data Storage
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Issue in Flattening JSON objects in Jira

We actually have to flatten the column which has JSON kind of representing data in the sisense elastic cube which was imported from Jira data source through JDBC connector. For this we have tried the JSON_Value() to split JSON consisting column to fl...

JSON Issue.png
Chandra by 8 - Cloud Apps
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Resolved! Continuous Deployment on Live Data Models

Hello Folks, How do you migrate a development data model that reads data from a Development Schema to a production data model that reads data from a Production Schema without actually creating the data model from scratch? Details: We're about to make...

Resolved! Matching charts with different level of number

Good day fellow members, I have a quick question. So here are temperture data (e.g. 11.5 celicius) and the number of cases (e.g.50k) and I want to correlate them in a same graph. However since the measure level is different the temperature bar went r...

Mis by 8 - Cloud Apps
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