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Sisense User Password Update

We needed to update the password for each data model. We changed the password of the user in Snowflake, and then updated the password in the connection settings for each data model that uses that user. After making the change, all of our dashboards l...

KHConsult by 8 - Cloud Apps
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Resolved! How to enable Blox in Dashboard

Hello,I have been trying to create something with Blox. I have installed the Blox add-on my system. and it already enabled in my Admin "Ad-on".But I am unable to see the Blox option in my dashboard.How can I set it ? Thanks

Learner by 7 - Data Storage
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Connecting to Clickhouse

I was recently speaking with @Kat about certified connectors and related status for those connectors – specifically related to Clickhouse, which is listed as a Certified data connector for Sisense. Are there any Sisense customers out there that are u...

Rest API Connector

Hi Team, I am trying to import data from Rest API URL.I tried to see the documentation regarding the JDBC connector. But, the url throws an error wile testing.Can somebody suggest anything on the same. My Rest API URL:

Pulse Alerts with Details

With Pulse Alerts, it is possible to get an email any time there is a change in value for a narrow set of data points.Is it possible to give more information on those emails?My use case is that I want to know if when there is any change across severa...

Sisense Trial Cloud IPs to connect to Postgres

Hi, I've subscribed to a free trial and I'm trying to connect to our cloud Postgres database via trial portal but I'm getting "The connection attempt failed." error. I've already whitelisted IPs

burma by 7 - Data Storage
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Issues with Incremental Build on JDBC table

Hi all, CONTEXT ------------------We use GenericJDBC connector with custom queries to fetch data from our mongodb data source on Sisense. Our data model is similar to a star schema with one DIM table and several aggregated fact tables. Till date we h...

suchitsanghvi_0-1673628166004.png suchitsanghvi_1-1673628175008.png

User Parameters in a Live connection

Hello, I created an user parameter for my Live data models. When I change the value assigned to my user parameter and refresh, my dashboard and my data model doesn't apply the new value of my user parameter but still use the old value. Where do I mis...

Victor88 by 8 - Cloud Apps
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Data types for Live Data Source

We are using a Live query as a datasource which is based on a query against a table in a redshift cluster. I'm looking at the queries that are being submitted against the RedShift tables, and it appears that Sisense is interpreting one of our columns...

bpeikes by 9 - Travel Pro
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Resolved! live cubes - databricks

the sisense native databricks connector works with live cubes, currently it works with elastic cubes but when I try to create a live cube but the databricks option does not come up.

alexgv12 by 9 - Travel Pro
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