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API Rate Limiting Clarification

Hello, I'm currently working with your API and I wanted to clarify the rate limiting policy. The documentation mentions a rate limit of X requests per minute, but I'm not certain if this applies to all endpoints or if there are different limits for s...

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tanu500 by 7 - Data Storage
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Connection to BigQuery

Hi to all.I am a brand new Sisense user, never used before, and sorry if this question is too basic.I am trying to connect to our BigQuery database and I was reading that I need to copy as service account, therefore I will need the key .json file and...

Building Elasticube with Google Sheets Error

I'm currently testing google sheets as a data source but the elasticube fails to build with this error:Connection failed: Data file not found.Error details: BE#952084 Failed to connect to Google Sheets.Connector response: Failed to connect to data so...

DE_Gen by 7 - Data Storage
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Error when Connecting to Neo4j

I need to connect to Neo4j using a JDBC driver. Following are the details neo4j_driver = com.simba.neo4j.neo4j.jdbc42.Driver Download Driver file: URL = jdbc:neo4j:// It error...

dvagal by 7 - Data Storage
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Query error

We are connecting to an Atlas Federated MongoDB database. The tables have all imported correctly, but when attempting to preview data in any of them, we get this error Query ErrorCommand failed with error (adValue): 'parse error: unknown function TOP...

Sharepoint Excel Services JDBC Driver

I'm trying to create a connection between Sharepoint and Sisense. However, when I try to create the connection string using the Excel Services JDBC Driver I get 'HTTP protocol error. 403 forbidden'. I'm not sure what the fix here should be. Can anyon...

anunez98 by 7 - Data Storage
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Sisense User Password Update

We needed to update the password for each data model. We changed the password of the user in Snowflake, and then updated the password in the connection settings for each data model that uses that user. After making the change, all of our dashboards l...

KHConsult by 8 - Cloud Apps
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Resolved! How to enable Blox in Dashboard

Hello,I have been trying to create something with Blox. I have installed the Blox add-on my system. and it already enabled in my Admin "Ad-on".But I am unable to see the Blox option in my dashboard.How can I set it ? Thanks

Learner by 7 - Data Storage
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