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Custom code fails to build

9 - Travel Pro
9 - Travel Pro

Hi all,

We created custom code in one of our elasticubes. However, after a week it fails, usually with the following error: 

"timestamp": "2022-05-24T06:00:31.697Z",
"verbosity": "Error",
"type": "buildEnded",
"message": "Failed to build custom code table: Company Name fuzzy matching; BE#423256 Failed to run Jupyter Notebook cells.\nBE#848116 Cells execution failed with error: '---------------------------------------------------------------------------CustomCodeException Traceback (most recent call last)/tmp/ipykernel_3551/ in <module>\n 1 # check for errors in logical sql execution \n 2 if \"error\" in logical_sql_res:\n----> 3 raise err.CustomCodeException(*err.ERROR_IN_LOGICAL_SQL, description=logical_sql_res)\nCustomCodeException: 65001: Error in Logical Sql; {'error': {'status': 401, 'httpMessage': 'Unauthorized'}}\nfull Error Message:{\"header\": {\"msg_id\": \"f6bee5dd-24960211aeb4573fe98a6acf_3551_30\", \"msg_type\": \"execute_reply\", \"username\": \"username\", \"session\": \"f6bee5dd-24960211aeb4573fe98a6acf\", \"date\": \"2022-05-24T06:00:31.381928Z\", \"version\": \"5.3\"}, \"msg_id\": \"f6bee5dd-24960211aeb4573fe98a6acf_3551_30\", \"msg_type\": \"execute_reply\", \"parent_header\": {\"username\": \"sisense_user\", \"session\": \"090d1484-8c54-49a3-800d-59009a087c9d\", \"date\": \"2022-05-24T06:00Z\", \"version\": \"5.3\", \"msg_id\": \"6c8e75a7-80dd-4e69-b917-784dc2624f50\", \"msg_type\": \"execute_request\"}, \"metadata\": {\"started\": \"2022-05-24T06:00:31.267719Z\", \"dependencies_met\": true, \"engine\": \"fa2585fb-5869-4c4c-b442-9c3e8d6639c3\", \"status\": \"error\"}, \"content\": {\"status\": \"error\", \"traceback\": [\"---------------------------------------------------------------------------\", \"CustomCodeException Traceback (most recent call last)\", \"/tmp/ipykernel_3551/ in <module>\\n 1 # check for errors in logical sql execution \\n 2 if \\\"error\\\" in logical_sql_res:\\n----> 3 raise err.CustomCodeException(*err.ERROR_IN_LOGICAL_SQL, description=logical_sql_res)\\n\", \"CustomCodeException: 65001: Error in Logical Sql; {'error': {'status': 401, 'httpMessage': 'Unauthorized'}}\"], \"ename\": \"CustomCodeException\", \"evalue\": \"65001: Error in Logical Sql; {'error': {'status': 401, 'httpMessage': 'Unauthorized'}}\", \"engine_info\": {\"engine_uuid\": \"fa2585fb-5869-4c4c-b442-9c3e8d6639c3\", \"engine_id\": -1, \"method\": \"execute\"}, \"execution_count\": 6, \"user_expressions\": {}, \"payload\": []}, \"buffers\": [], \"channel\": \"shell\"}'."

Given the 401 error, somehow the custom code cannot access the data. Has anyone encountered the same problem?

Our current solution is to restart the Jupyter notebook kernel and run all cells, after doing so the code is working for another week again.

If anyone knows how to really fix this, please let me know:)

We are running Sisense on-premise with version L2022.2.




8 - Cloud Apps
8 - Cloud Apps

I am also getting the same error when running custom code notebook and trying to run a sample set of data in the add data tab.