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Get dashboard widgets API endpoint/ Widgets layout

Hello, I have a query relating to the order and mapping of widgets returned by the get dashboard widgets rest API endpoint. Requirement: Replicate dashboard layout, across multiple dashboards with multiple widgetsIssue: Get dashboard widgets API endp...

gavinmc by 7 - Data Storage
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Customize Pivot2 sort icon

is it possible to customize the icon for sorting on Pivot2? I have been asked to make our sisense widgets look like some inhouse style, I am using the style plugin for Pivot2 but I don't see a way to customize sort icons etc....

meason by 7 - Data Storage
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change schema in datamodel and dataset

when a datamodel is cloned with a databricks connector and the schema is updated, it is not reflected in the data, this is because the schema name remains in the columns, but when you want to update it is not possible because the patch tables do not ...

alexgv12 by 9 - Travel Pro
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Filtering for last 2 hours

Hi Sisense Team,Wondering if anyone has good suggestions on how to setup a filter to show only the last two hours of data. Data is updating every 3 minutes (datetime structure in screenshots). I would like to filter for the last two hours and would l...

Screen Shot 2022-11-09 at 16.23.44.png
edselv by Sisense Team Member
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Formatting the Total Values in a Stacked Bar Chart

Hi! Was looking around for a script that can edit the total value font, color, weight, and size on a stacked bar chart and was unsuccessful. Was wondering if anyone had something that could work. We have found script that can edit the values and now ...

KenLaVan by 7 - Data Storage
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Embedding periscope dashboard in CRM

Hello there, We are using periscope dashboard which are authenticated through google SSO. Now we have a requirement to embed this dashboard in our in house CRM tool with proper authentication. I have read this procedure(https://dtdocs.sisense.com/art...

Define Widget Navigator Scroll Position left or Right

This Script is used for Navigator Scroll Position left or Right. The following widget script will default the navigation scroller to the maximum position. Configure the script via the displayBars variable. This is the number of bars that will be disp...

Sijo1995 by 9 - Travel Pro
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Financial Reporting - Customizing Pivot Layout

Financial reporting sometimes lends itself toward displaying data neatly within a table, rather than with advanced visualizations. Industry standards for several use cases - such as a balance sheet - are well established which requires severing end u...

showing excluded filters in sisense sdk

Hi, I am working on some functionality where I want to reset t the default filters on every page refresh so to achieve this I am added applyFilter() in sisense sdk implementation but it is only taking active filters in members array it does not show ...

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