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Elasticube Build Error BE#323053

Hi Sisense team, I started building an elasticube with custom code in it and now I'm experiencing a build error: BE#323053 Failed to invoke Start build. It only happened 1 hour ago and has never happened before. What can I do about this? It's affecti...

ScheurK by 9 - Travel Pro
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Elasticube destination questions

Hi, I haven't found any documentation about the Elasticube destination feature. For example, I f i choose to set my Elasticube destination to our Snowflake instance, what's the effect? The Elasticube can be queried by Snowflake users? Or it's stored ...

Resolved! Looking to run Script on any filter changes

Hello! I am a developer and have recently been delving into building Javascript API calls for Pivot 2.0 I am looking for a way for my script to run every single time an end user changes any filters on their dashboard. I've been scouring the forums bu...

Performance with Jupyter Notebooks in Sisense

Hi all, We have experienced some issues when deploying custom code to our ElastiCubes with custom Python algorithms. We have developed some algorithms in Jupyter Notebooks in local boxes (using Anaconda) and the execution performance of the algorithm...

Resolved! Indicater for number in columb

Hi, so I would like to show a number (11.4) of the column (the name can be anything, let's say Field3 for now) Japan 2019 11.4 8.9 As an indicator on widget but it shows the count of the whole column which is 2, including N/A. How do I present only "...

Mis by 8 - Cloud Apps
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Resolved! Matching charts with different level of number

Good day fellow members, I have a quick question. So here are temperture data (e.g. 11.5 celicius) and the number of cases (e.g.50k) and I want to correlate them in a same graph. However since the measure level is different the temperature bar went r...

Mis by 8 - Cloud Apps
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Resolved! Year cannot be recognized

Hi! I just started using Sisense and so shame that it's such a basic problem, but I cannot seem to visualize the following columns about the year and number of crimes in Japan. when I visualize it, the year only shows as 1905? (see attached) Year 合計(...

Mis by 8 - Cloud Apps
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Data Transformation Best Practices

Where do you prefer to perform data transformations and why? Should it be done in a data warehouse, or is it best fit for a BI tool? I have a preferred answer, but I'm really interested to hear what customers and experts have to say!

josh by 8 - Cloud Apps
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