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Every day we process our elasticubes and they always process in the same sequence.  Users are able to create dashboards that have widgets from different elasticubes. 

However when they select to send the dashboard by email on "Every Elasticube Update" this sends after the first of the elasticubes has processed, rather than waiting until all of them have updated.  This means users are emailed dashboards that have some data correct, and some that is old.

I think the solution would be an option to send after all of the elasticubes in the dashboard have updated, or to select a specific one, if the elasticubes generally build in a particular order.

It would be good if this could be considered for enhancement as users wouldn't want to receive partially correct dashboards in this situation.


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It may be challenging since Sisense doesn't really have a way to know (today) that it is processing 1 cube out of 5.  I.e. there's no logical chain of cubes, other than by schedule.

Maybe a quick-and-dirty implementation of this is a field that lets you specify, "do not send notification before [00:00]" and the user can pick a time.  That way they could time it roughly near when the last cube build completes.

A more comprehensive solution would be to let you schedule a chain/sequence of cubes rather than simply cube-by-cube.  This would also let you decrease the total time it takes, since you don't have to have any buffer time built into each cube's schedule.