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Currently, when we want to add a recipient to a new dashboard schedule, the dashboard has to be previously shared with the recipient. If it isn't, the recipient doesn't show up in the autocompletion list (emails - users name). In that case you need firstly to go back to the dashboard, share it with the recipient, come back to ReportManager and finally, add the recipient to the new schedule.

This is confusing to our users who in such case consider this as a bug.

=> New behaviour wished : 

When you add a recipient to a ReportManager schedule it automatically shares the dashboard with him. Which makes sense since if you want to send a dashboard to a user, it implies you want to share it with him.


Hello @fschleich,

Report Manager is designed to share reports with people inside and outside Sisense. If you want to share a Dashboard with a user who is in Sisense, I recommend using the out of the box share option on the Dashboard itself. For data security reasons, Dashboards cannot be directly shared through Report Manager.

Hello @DRay 

I understand your comment and this is exactly the answer I gave to my users.

But, the use case that was reported to me is the following :

Some users want to share dashboards via email through ReportManager to others users that are not supposed to connect to Sisense. The reason why they are declared as Sisense user is because they have also access to embedded dasboards (in our own Pixid web site). The security inside Pixid requires a security at the user level.

In that use case, and from a user standpoint, it is difficult to understand why they have to share before being able to schedule in ReportManager.