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Status: Needs Info


I have gone through your connection update process for live models. But As I discussed with sisense team, they don't have any single API for updating connection. As per current scenario we need to follow multiple steps like below:-

1. Get table by: GET /datamodels/datamodelId/schema/datasets/datasetId/tables/tableId. response => tableResult

2. Override table by PATCH /datamodels/datamodelId/schema/datasets/datasetId/tables/tableId} where body = tableResult from the step 1.

Only after performing the above steps, you can use PATCH/datamodels?/datamodelId?/schema?/datasets?/datasetId to update the schema for this dataset.

So I just want to proposed one idea here that we can use multiple option here like below:-
1. We can provide any Key Vault connectivity for each model where we can store our connection details and we can use them for our model connections.

2. We also can provide a single API where our connection can we updated for all relevant objects & model it self.

Status changed to: New Idea

Hello @dixitraj,

Have you looked into Connection Management?

Can you let me know if that addresses your use case?

Thank you.

Hi @DRay ,

We have already gone through this, It's not matching with our requirement.


Thanks & Regards

Dik**bleep** Raj