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Status: New Idea

When you duplicate a widget in Analytics, it automatically duplicates next to your current widget. If you already have multiple widgets in that row (which you've spent time sizing to give a nice appearance on the dashboard - and they're not just distributed evenly on the row), the new widget then resizes all the previous widgets in the row so it will fit onto the row. When you then move the new widget to its own row, the widgets on the previous row have to then all be resized to get the sizes you wanted again. 

Some options for different experiences...

  • Option to duplicate widget to bottom of dashboard
  • Option to duplicate widget to "new row" which puts the new widget on its own dedicated row below the row from which it's being duplicated
  • When a widget is duplicated on a row, and then moved out of that row, maybe the remaining widgets could redistribute back to how they were prior to the duplication