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Status: New Idea

I would like to be able to run a "lineage/dependency" report in Sisense. Something that will tell me for all the cube/live data sources:

- Data source name
- Type (cube/live)
- Dates of the data model (created, modified, last built)
- Data sources being referenced and type (web service, database, etc.)
- Details of each data sources (SQL Server, servername, database name)
- Tables or objects being referenced by those data sources

It's important for managing the environment to know what we are using, or have an easy way to know what data sets/dashboards would break if a table's structure were changed in the database.


I know I can get some of this from the Usage Analytics (build history), but:

- It doesn't include cubes that aren't built

- It doesn't include live data sources


Looks like much of this might be available already via the API:

  • Get the list of cubes (live and elasticube)
  • For each one, get the datasets in that cube
  • For each dataset, get the /datasets/id/tables and the metadata about each table
  • Output the combination to a CSV file someplace, and make a Usage Analytics "dependency report" on top of it

So just need to wrap all this up in some automated process and expose it in the Sisense product.  🙂