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Status: New Idea

On the Analytics page, there is a menu on the left where dashboards are listed. It is possible to create folders to organize dashboards. Folders can be nested within other folders.

Currently, It is not possible to drag and drop one folder into another. This would be useful to have.

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Out of the box it is not possible to create/move dashboards to someone's folder from UI.

There are two inefficient/time consuming/tedious workarounds that were presented by Sisense Support on how to handle this which are not scalable (case 00755559):

The workarounds provided and reasons why they are not suitable are below:

  1. If you'd like to just move existing dashboards you'll have to pass the ownership of dashboards to folder owner, who then can move them and pass the ownership back.
    • Client Feedback: This creates administrative overhead and since I am the creator of all of the folders currently, I am the only one who can do this.
    • Client Feedback: Regardless of who owns the folders it is not an efficient use of any one individual’s time to spend time moving other people’s reports around from folder to folder and transferring ownership back and forth.
  2. If your designers would just need to create new dashboards, then folder owner can create a dashboard and pass the ownership over that dashboard to other user. Then that user will be able to manage this dashboard within that folder. Also if the user further duplicates dashboard over which has ownership the copy will land in the same folder even if folder is owned by someone else. So in this case for each of your designers, you can create an empty dashboard that they own and will duplicate or rename each time they would like to create a new dashboard.
    • Client Feedback: This still requires passing ownership back and forth creating administrative overhead for someone to create a bunch of placeholder reports in our folder structure.
    • Client Feedback: The second part of this would require us to create n number of reports in the folders assigned to n number of creators as ‘placeholders’ (up to 10 per folder based on our designer limit of 10 users) which creates administrative overhead and folder clutter.