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The idea of this is so you could show the elasticube data on the primary axis, and then potentially low latency data on a secondary axis - allowing easy comparison of live vs historical data

Status changed to: Needs Votes & Comments

Hello @zebben,

Thank you for your feedback. 

I like this idea, but I can see some potential objections and I would like your thoughts on how to address them. The more detailed and specific the implementation idea is the easier it will be to evaluate and scope effort.

  • How should we handle cases where metrics have the same name in both data sources? I can see where that would create confusion when creating and viewing the widget.
  • With the idea that Dashboards are designed to show broad information and comparison, and Widgets are designed to be more granular, I'm not sure combining too many metrics into one Widget aligns with best practices.

I look forward to working with our community to flesh out this Idea!

Thank you DRay my ideas would be:
1. Potentially pre-fix metrics with elasticube or live e.g. User_Id_live or User_Id_elasticube
2. Not sure on the best practice but the benefit I can see if that we can use the elasticube connection for data which only changes daily to compare to a metric which changes more frequent and hence is more appropriate to get from a live connection ... the benefit being cloud processing cost saving

Thank you for your response @zebben.

One of the ways we prioritize development efforts is by community interest. Please encourage other users to vote and comment on your suggestion, the more engagement a request receives, the higher the likelihood of it being considered for implementation.

Thank you for being a valuable part of our community!