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Tabber Widget

8 - Cloud Apps
8 - Cloud Apps

I am attempting to connect a tabber widget to my data. The Sisense documentation on Tabber is from 2019 and appears to be out of date. It says that it is a plug in and needs to be downloaded and installed. On my end it appears in the drop down for widget options automatically. The outdated Sisense documentation also says that it can only be used once per dashboard. I am working on recreating an existing dashboard that uses it several times. 

I added the tabber widget and edited the script to have the two tabber fields names, and the IDs for the two widgets that Id like to "tabber" between (show and hide). 

I am not sure how to connect the two widgets to the tabber widget. 

Thank you. 


10 - ETL
10 - ETL
Not sure if you still need this but I used this from another post
widget.on('render',function(w, e){e.prefixText = '';
e.suffixText = '';
e.selectedColor = '#014E66'; /*The color of the chosen title*/
e.fontColor = '#cccccc'; /*The color of the unchosen titles*/
e.elementWidth = '103%';
e.descColor = '#a5a5a5';
e.parentMarginLeft = '-15px';
e.height = 32; /* affects the tabber widget default high*/
widget.tabs = [{title: "Orgs, Modules, Departments", displayWidgetIds :
//widget group on tab 1
//widget group on tab 2
hideWidgetIds : ["65fc48c91d6796004032773e","660480c1af582e003f18d135"]},
{title: "Assignments and Viewers", displayWidgetIds : ["65fc48c91d6796004032773e","660480c1af582e003f18d135"],
hideWidgetIds : ["65fc49001d67960040327743","66047fbdaf582e003f18d125","660481b6af582e003f18d141"]}