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Modify role permissions on a user duplicated dashboard

7 - Data Storage
7 - Data Storage

Any thoughts on modifying the role permissions on a duplicated dashboard? 

Per documentation - we could enable/disable the permissions at a dashboard level (ex: disabling widget edit capability), but when a dashboard is duplicated - the user is able to still edit widgets. 

We understand that a user becomes the owner of the dashboard once duplicated, but we still want to restrict some specific actions the user can do. any thoughts on how to edit the role permissions via the API to achieve this?


8 - Cloud Apps
8 - Cloud Apps

Hi @sbatlanki ,

Out of the box it is not possible to forbid specific user from being able to modify the dashboards that they own. If user role in Sisense is a designer or above they will be able to duplicate the dashboards and take control over that. In this case to limit that user's privileges you can downgrade that user to viewer in admin tab in users settings.

Alternatively you can also modify the permissions that particular user roles have in your Sisense. However this will apply to all users at particular role and to all their Sisense components of specific type. You can read more about it in following article:

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