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Building Confidence (and BloX Widgets) with the Help of Sisense Trainers

In February 2023, an opportunity to take two interactive training sessions with Sisense Trainers arose. Our wonderful Customer Success Director, Kelly McGuire, alerted the Sift team to these upcoming training sessions, and as a new user of Sisense, the timing was perfect!

UX Dashboard Design

The first class was UX Dashboard Design where we covered the dashboard creation flow.




This high-level process has been extremely helpful in evaluating our current dashboards and has served as a reliable guide for potential improvements. Some of the most salient points include knowing your audience and laying out the story given that our users range from C-Suite to technical analysts. 

Any new dashboard gets checked for contrast using WebAIM’s website (; and when I’m able to go beyond the company color palette, helps me choose the right colors for the message. For example, the homework for this class allowed me to create a dashboard for family spending. Since my audience was non-technical, there were lots of indicator widgets and gauges to make the story clear and the data pop.

Using step 7, getting feedback, I’ve now incorporated metrics that help evaluate the effectiveness of our dashboards based on a user behavior dashboard that our administrator created. 




I look forward to using the “New Dashboard Introduction” document in the future when we make enhancements to existing dashboards or create a new dashboard. This template ensures our end users will get a clear understanding of the objective, the call to action, and the updating frequency of any new enhancement or dashboards.

BloX for Beginners

The second course was BloX for Beginners where we recieved hands-on experience creating BloX widgets from the BloX templates. (Pro-tip: always use a template). Our current dashboards use the “Jump-To” buttons, but that was the extent of my BloX knowledge coming into the class. Little did I know of the endless possibilities with BloX widgets!

We started to scratch the surface during training where we created buttons linked to filters. For this particular example, we made three separate date range buttons for “Last 90 Days”, “Last 30 Days”, and “Last 7 Days”. A code snippet is included for the “Last 90 Days” button.







We also learned how to incorporate images and hyperlinks into our BloX widgets. One of the coolest applications we added was Slack integration. We were sending messages from our BloX widget directly to Slack! 🤯

The homework for this class was challenging and drove home the point that practice is essential. The assignment asked for an embedded image and a text box, plus a drop-down filter that linked a name with the image and the text. I got 80% of the way there and during the homework review in session 2, the instructor helped me fix the dropdown filter as I was only showing one name. The feedback was eye-opening. I had over-complicated the code.


The two interactive training sessions were a great experience. As a new user of Sisense, meeting instructors and community members made me feel connected and welcomed. 10/10 Would recommend it!!! I look forward to additional interactive training sessions.

About the Author 


Sarah Chronquist

Graduated from UW-Madison with a BA in Sociology and a minor in Concentration in Analysis & Research. Started career as a SAS consultant auditing a reporting process for sub-prime loans in accordance with Sarbanes-Oxley regulations. Moved on to healthcare marketing analytics for Healthgrades for 13 years. While at Healthgrades, I received my MBA from Cardinal Stritch University. Started at Sift Healthcare in June 2022 as a Senior Business Intelligence Analyst and began working with Sisense. Personally, I’m an avid reader and I enjoy walks with the dogs. In the non-winter months, you can find me in the gardens or biking with the family.


Company Spotlight

Sift Healthcare is a data and analytics company that enables healthcare providers to leverage the full scope of their data to improve financial and operational outcomes. Sift’s Payments Intelligence Platform equips organizations with meaningful insights and ML-driven workflow optimizations that accelerate cash flow, reduce the cost to collect, and inform revenue strategy.

Sift’s Payments Intelligence Solutions include:

      • Rev/Track - Data visualization and insights tools, including denials and payments dashboards, payer trend tracking, and operational benchmarking.
      • Rev/Collect - ML-driven Denials Management and Patient Payment Management workflow integrations
      • Rev/Protect - ML-driven Denials Prevention workflow integrations