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Links in Pivot Table

7 - Data Storage
7 - Data Storage


I am trying to create a column that links to our gift pages on our crm. The problem is when it goes to the url, it has the donor data at the top from the last viewed donor, instead of the donor data of the gift. Our solution is first to open to the donor page and then go to the gift page.

This is the code I came up with:

'<a onclick="openWin()" target="_blank" style="color:black">' + tostring([giftid]) + '</a>


function openWin() {

  const myWindow =' + tostring([donorid]) + ', "", "width=1000, height=1000");

  setTimeout(function() {myWindow.location.replace(' + [link] + ')}, 1000);




I have tested it in w3schools and it works perfectly, but when I try to put it into the pivot table on sisense, it does not work. I have the widget code that is given for implementing html into pivot tables, and it works for other links, but this one just won’t work. It shows as a link with the donorid, but clicking on it does absolutely nothing.

Do you have any suggestions of what I am doing wrong?



Sisense Team Member
Sisense Team Member

Hi @ChrisTurner -

Is your instance of Sisense running on Windows or Linux?
(you can check with these instructions: Check whether running Sisense on Linux or Windows)

This article talks about a method to get clickable links for Linux and Windows installs: 
Clickable URL Links In Pivot Rows

Hope that helps,

Katie G | Sisense Pre-Sales Solutions Architect


I ended up figuring out why it would not open, but now it opens up to the last one in the list. I tried making it so that it names each function uniquely, because I assumed that it was changing the function each time until the last one. Now it just doesn't work again.

It is running on windows.